El Primo de Warhol Dos (Chapulín Colorado Edition)

El Primo de Warhol Numero Dos
(Chapulín Colorado Edition)

An adaptation of a  print issued for the South Texas College premiere exhibition of Mextasy, September 2010.

Mextasy was originally curated by South Texas College (STC) Art and Art History Professor Rachael Freyman Brown, with the assistance of Amanda Alejos (not to mention the meddling of the artist, Guillermo Nericcio García).

Purchasers of this image will receive a signed, numbered,  11x17-inch glossy print on archival stock  of "El Primo de Warhol Numero Dos (Chapulín Colorado Edition)." It will be shipped via US media mail/USPS, folded once, flat.
8.95 USD