Hollywood "Latin Lover" Gilbert Roland, aka Luis Antonio Dámaso de Alonso December 11, 1905 – May 15, 1994

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GILBERT ROLAND was born Luis Antonio Dámaso de Alonso on December 11, 1905.

Let's let Wikipedia take over: "He was born Luis Antonio Dámaso de Alonso in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and originally intended to become a bullfighter like his father. When the family moved to the United States, however, he became interested in acting when he was picked at random for a role as an extra. He chose his screen name by combining the names of his favorite actors, John Gilbert and Ruth Roland. He was often cast in the stereotypical 'Latin Lover' role.

Roland's first major role was in the collegiate comedy The Plastic Age (1925) together with Clara Bow, to whom he became engaged. In 1927, he played Armand in Camille opposite Norma Talmadge, with whom he was romantically involved, and they starred together in several productions. Roland later appeared in Spanish language adaptations of American films, in romantic lead roles."

He died May 15, 1994

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