Look Out, Sweet Child or Alfonso Bedoya in the Burbs (with Apologies to Edward D'Ancona)

Yet another signed, numbered, limited-edition Mextasy print featuring the cheery mug of Alfonso Bedoya, lifted from the film stock of John Huston's epic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  This time "Gold Hat," (Bedoya's name in the 'Sierra Madre credits) is paired with Edward D'Ancona's cheery, Dick&Jane-esque cautionary painting. The result? A surburbia-based chimera/nightmare that will warm the cockles of viewers eyes, hearts, and minds (at least that is the theory).

Shipped folded-once, via media mail--the print is signed and numbered and printed on heavy, glossy archival stock paper.

Surprise free Mextasy print included with all orders!
8.95 USD