Veronica, Harry Lucey, and Dan DeCarlo Deformed My Libido

Much of what is called "Mextasy" is homage--a tip of the sombrero and mortarboard to figures, images, people, that underscore the pleasure of being Latina/o in the United States. This limited-edition print, "Veronica, Harry Lucey, and Dan DeCarlo Deformed My Libido," (shipped folded once, signed, and numbered on glossy archival stock) takes me back to my days as a teenager in Laredo, Texas.  The whole story on the origins of this print and my love affair with Archie Comics, Betty & Veronica (and Sabrina!) appear here: http://textmex.blogspot.com/2014/12/mexican-americans-in-archie-comics-dan.html
12.95 USD